My Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) Recovery Timeline

Had the surgery on 12/31. Doc recommend PRK is because I suffered from dry eyes due to my previous eye line tattoos.

The surgery itself is totally pain-free… The process is: I took a sedative pill 30mins ahead of the operation so that I can go home and sleep through right after the surgery. The sleep is said to speed up the recovery. During the operation, first doc puts some anesthetic(fluid) and some others, and used some tool to scratch away the epithelium layer outside of cornea. Then the doc used laser to reshape the cornea and the smell is the same as burning hairs. Each eye only took a few minutes to finish. Once the surgery was done, concat lens are put in as a bandage. I was able to see more clearly but was very sensitive to lights. Was given sunglasses which for the first week I have to wear both indoor and outdoor. Afterwards, it is only necessary for outdoor wearing.

Day 1: sleep and pain

Day2: the same

Day 3: the worst day ever! When I woke up, I found I was not able to open my eyes. It just kept tearing and was extremely sensitive to lights. I have to keep my eyes closed and slept through the most of the day.

Day4: The extreme sensitiveness to lights are gone. Returned to more like Day2 minus less pain on the eyes.

Day5–6. The vision gets better. Was able to read my monitors clearly

Day 7: Before removal, both eyes are at 20.36 and pretty evened. Slightly sensitive to lights, after starting at the screens for too much, eyes get easily stranded. However, after the contact lens removal, right eye’s vision is super blurry and the left eye’s vision is much better and sharp.

Day8:Well, in the morning when i just woke up, I cant wait to test my vision, hoping it can clear up today magically. It did, first in the morning. Bt it did not last long, maybe a few minutes later, my eyes are stained with the screen lights and eventually words are getting more and more blurry until the point that I could not see well at all. Now, while im tying, im making up words from very heavy double vision. Taking Vitamin C, Omega-3 fish oil, D3, and putting lots of artificial tears all the time. It helps with eye drops, it increases the sharpness but it goes away pretty soon. Also, now my left eye suffers from double vision too.

I dont really have problems to do my normal activities such as running. But I would not risk driving with this heavy double vision going on.

I found wearing sunglasses help clear out double vision on big fonts, but still hard on smaller fonds.

Later today, I found my vision gets quite crisp under super bright light(sun light) and am also are able to see slightly better with less double vision and blurriness. All have to say is that things change really fast at this stage.

Day 9: Same as yesterday.

Day 10: double vision got worse. Seeing the world is very disturbing.

Day 12: 1/11. Very bad vision test result because of heavy double vision artifact looking at the screen. Had to ask the doc to put back concat lens so that i would be able to work for three days.

Day 15: 1/14: took off the concat lens. The double vision affect is diminishing. But still some and it always get worse while looking at the screen for too long. No problem with driving during the day.

Day 18: 1/17: the last two days, vision fluctuated a bit. Usually it is better better in the morning, and worse at night. Eyes feel a bit dry while waking up. Is able to work on small screens today, which is a huge improvement. Eyes are lot stronger and less strained.

Other Recovery Timeline



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